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Advanced Dialysis Care – Ultimate Comfort
Our facilities offer dialysis patient care services in Philadelphia and surrounding communities. We provide in-center dialysis options to meet the needs of all our dialysis patients, and are designed, equipped, and staffed to provide the ultimate dialysis experience.
Please contact us with any questions about admissions or patient care services.
The Dialysis Center of North Philadelphia Call: (215) 223-1018
The Kidney Center of South Philadelphia Call: (215) 463-3120
The Dialysis Unit of Center City Philadelphia Call: (215) 563-9383
The Dialysis Center of West Philadelphia Call: (215) 581-4993
Planning Your First Visit

What to bring:

  • Your insurance card/cards and your ID and your home medications
  • Your discharge instructions from the hospital
  • A book or other quiet activity
  • A light snack

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Dialysis patient care services and clinic amenities.

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